Nurse has the perfect response for anti-vaccination protesters


It’s the winter time, and with it comes the advent of sniffles, colds and flu jabs.

A nurse has pushed back against people who refuse to vaccinate themselves and their children on the grounds that they believe them to be dangerous.

Distrust towards doctors and vaccinations was reignited a few years ago, when a doctor called Jenny McCarthy claimed a causal relationship between vaccines and autism. That claim has since been extensively dismantled and discredited, but the idea remains.

One of the main arguments anti-vaxxers use is that vaccines are part of a conspiracy by ‘big pharma’ to make money by making people sick, rather than better.

None of these claims are based on fact, and Meggy Doodle, a mother and registered nurse, decided to set the record straight.

‘I think that people who don’t want to vaccinate should have the freedom to do so. If they think ‘Big pharma’ is just trying to turn a profit or poison us all…they should be allowed to believe that,’ she began.

There are however, a few caveats, Doodle said...

They should NOT go to the doctor or the hospital when they get sick, looking for treatment.

Big pharma makes those antibiotics we are going to pump you full of when you are about to die from sepsis.

The steroids and epi we might give you to save your life from your anaphylaxis? Yep, big pharma is behind that too.

That inhaler you need to treat your kids asthma? Better pass on that as well, because... you guessed it... brought to you by Big P.

Having a massive stroke? Can’t talk or move half your body? Well no TPA for you. Even though it could potentially reverse every symptom of your stroke in minutes...Because big pharma is making a killing on that stuff.. I think it’s like $25k a pop.

And when you get diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, don’t even think about chemo....

Code Blue?? Don’t expect us to crack open the crash cart! It’s just stocked full of meds we need to get your heart beating again. Where do you think they come from?

I think you get the picture.

She logically ran through a number of scenarios where a person might need medical attention and medicine, and condemned those who believed medical professionals would ever deliberately harm them with vaccines.

Her post was shared 37k times and over 5,000 people commented on it.

‘Brilliant,’ one person wrote.

Another added:

I agree with you on almost everything, BUT (huge but) there are stupid people and I think even they are worth saving. so there needs to be a law to vaccinate your children. They don't know any better and are the ones harmed because their parents are stupid... other than that, you are absolutely right.

‘Well said and valuable information. I didn't get vaccinated one year,’ a third Facebook user shared.

I caught the flu and thought I was a gonna. And my daughter most likely caught it from me and was also very sick.

There were lots of gif reactions, too, but this one sums it up:

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