Senator tried to hide that he was driving during Zoom call and it spectacularly failed

Senator tried to hide that he was driving during Zoom call and it spectacularly failed

There are some examples of bold-faced irony you simply can’t make up.

For example, a US state senator driving during a Zoom call after passing a bill about… road safety.

Andrew Brenner, a Republican state senator for Ohio, has come under sharp criticism after footage emerged of him at the online government meeting clearly wearing a seatbelt.

At the beginning of the Ohio Controlling Board session, he could be seen sitting in a parked car.

However, he later attempted to disguise his location by using a fake background of a living room – but viewers weren’t fooled.

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The day the meeting took place, the state’s senate introduced a new bill which – if passed – would ban writing, sending or reading texts, viewing videos, taking photos, live streaming or using applications while driving,The Colombus Dispatch reports.

The local paper pointed out that it would also make holding or using an electronic device while driving a primary offence, meaning police would be entitled to pull the driver over.

After footage of his controversial video call emerged, Brenner insisted he “wasn’t distracted” at the time.

“I was paying attention to the driving and listening to (the meeting),” he told the Dispatch.

“I had two meeting that were back-to-back that were in separate locations. And I’ve actually been on other calls, numerous calls, while driving.

“Phone calls for the most part, but on video calls I’m not paying attention to the video. To me, it’s like a phone call.”

He added that he had been parked for most of the meeting: “I was wearing a seatbelt and paying attention to the road,” he said.

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