People are eating rancid meat to try and get high in disgusting new food trend

People are eating rancid meat to try and get high in disgusting new food trend

Far be it from us to tell you not to read our stories but don’t read this. It’s disgusting.

People are eating raw, rotting meat, claiming that it makes them high.

As per the dark corners of the internet, ‘high meat’ eaters report feelings of euphoria after consuming meat that has been left to rot for months, or even years.

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Speaking to Vice, YouTuber KasumiKriss said she wouldn’t describe the meat as rotten, but as “fermented”, in the biggest PR spin we’ve ever seen. She said, after trying it because she believed it was good for the gut (?!), she felt “elated”.

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“The first time, I felt elated in a matter of moments. I also experienced minor perceptual changes: colors, music, and sounds seemed somehow richer,” she said. “The second time, after having my first bite, I felt jovial.”

Meanwhile, in a video, YouTuber ‘sv3rige’ eats one and a half year old chicken. He does assure viewers the chicken is “corn fed” though, so of course that isn’t revolting at all but admits it is quite “spicy”. He could have gone to Nando’s.

Unsurprisingly, experts have given advice which basically boils down to: ‘don’t do this’. Naras Lapsys, a Singapore-based consultant dietitian told Vice that consuming rotten meat is a “lucky dip” as to the effect the bacteria could have.

“[Letting meat spoil or rot is] a completely uncontrolled process so you just don’t know what kinds of bacterias could be growing on the meat. There’s all sorts of bacteria—salmonella, shigella, E. coli—all of these things that our human body might really struggle with breaking down,” he said. “If we’re eating rotten foods, the question is: will our stomach acid do a good enough job to stop them from poisoning us? And the answer is often no.”

He added that some bacteria might have chemical properties that make people high, but others cause serious cases of food poisoning which can lead to uncontrolled bowel movements, vomiting and dehydration, damage to your large intestines and even botulism. Delish!

Reacting to the gross trend, people on Twitter felt sick, and so do we:

But it takes all sorts to make a world and the high meat community continue to prosper. Someone on Reddit ate old shellfish. They said: “The taste is addicting” but conceded that “during the procedure, high meat can start to smell really funky like fart.”

Meanwhile, YouTuber Frank Tufano compared old meat to yoghurt or sourdough bread, and we are not rushing to his house for dinner.

There you have it. We did warn you not to read this.

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