'You are a demon' - Oli London clashes with Ethan Klein in dramatic interview

'You are a demon' - Oli London clashes with Ethan Klein in dramatic interview
British influencer who identifies as Korean sparks debate after claiming you can …

Podcast host Ethan Klein clashed with controversial influencer Oli London in a bizarre and dramatic recording.

Klein hosts the H3 Podcast – a left-leaning podcast covering a wide range of topics and subject matters, hosted on YouTube.

In the most recent recording, Klein was joined by internet personality London who is perhaps best known for having multiple plastic surgery procedures to make himself look like South Korean boy band member Jimin.

A large part of the discussion over the almost 2-hour interview saw Klein question London on his views on gender identity and his claim that the “trans movement” is “grooming” kids.

In the discussion that was held over Zoom, the host brought up a tweet London had posted in which he claimed the “ultimate goal” of the so-called trans movement is to “mutilate children”, “sexualise kids” and “class paedophilia as an identity”, among other inflammatory and unproven objectives.

London claimed he was actually talking about the “trans activist movement” that is “pushing this ideology” for gender-affirming care to be available for minors. He also argued that the LGBT community is being “hijacked” by trans activists.

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Ethan Confronts Oli London - Off The Rails

Klein pointed out that multiple young people commit suicide because they are unable to receive the gender-affirming care they need and added that irreversible gender change for US children aged 6 to 17 is so rare that it applies to just 0.000493 per cent of minors.

The irony of London himself identifying as a “transracial” person and even as a South Korean woman was also brought up. It comes as London has now shifted to become male, Christian and conservative, now spouting potentially harmful views about the trans movement and releasing a book about gender identity.

Klein said: “Oli, I want to tell you something. You really have sold your soul on this one, you know what I mean? Before it was innocent, but this new one (grift) is really sick.”

At the end of the tense interview, Klein argued London’s views were “demonic”. London claimed he was concerned about giving mental health support to those struggling with their identity and suggested that that is the “real issue”.

Klein replied, “Gender affirmation is mental health support”, to which London responded, “We’ll agree to disagree”. “Ok, you’re a demon,” Klein signed off their call.

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