Oliver Dowden talked about 'privet hedges of freedom' and the jokes wrote themselves

Oliver Dowden talked about 'privet hedges of freedom' and the jokes wrote themselves
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Oliver Dowden followed in Boris Johnson's footsteps with "gloriously bad" comments in a bizarre attack on the left hailed the "calm suburbia of Hertfordshire".

During a speech at their spring conference in Blackpool, the Chairman of the Conservative Party launched into the virtues of "the privet hedges of suburbia".

He said: "As I walk with my children through the calm suburbia of Hertfordshire, its values so derided by the left, I actually reflect on the great fortune we have to live in a nation defined by stability, security… and, yes, Conservatism.

"For me, the privet hedges of suburbia are the privet hedges of a free people. And I will make it my mission as Chairman to defend those values and those freedoms".

Inevitably, social media mocked Dowden for his out-of-touch comments, with one describing the speech as "astoundingly embarrassing."

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One joked: "Oliver Dowden thinks socialists are after his hedge. I don't think we should have people in government suffering such weird paranoia."

Another furious Twitter user said: "Ukraine is under attack.Petrol prices are surging. People are unable to afford the weekly shop. And Dowden is withering on about a proven hedge!!?? Give me strength...Who scribbled this utter tripe??"

A third added: "And this absolute idiocy makes me want to throw Mr Dowden over the nearest fkn privet hedge for being so deluded and completely blind as to what a depressing worrying state the country currently is in."

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