This is why we get down on one knee to propose

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Proposals are nervy affairs.

But, with all the frills aside, it's a simple opertation. You get down on one knee, and ask the person you love to marry you, probably while holding a ring.

But why do we get down on one knee?

The Engagement Ring Bible says it's a mark of respect.

Back in the days of chivalry, men would kneel before lords and kings as a mark of respect, obedience and loyalty. It's also a common gesture in religious ceremonies - you kneel before God.

In the same vein, to kneel before the person you wish to marry is a sign you are pledging allegiance and respect to a person - in essence, giving yourself to someone.

If you're wondering why people began using rings, you can thank the Pope.

Pope Innocent III, in 1214, introduced a law demanding a waiting period be observed between couples wishing to marry. Couples on this period were ordered to wear a ring on their finger as a mark of their commitment.

Interestingly, the three months salary rule began as a marketing campaign in 1936 by diamond sellers DeBeers.

They successfully created a sense of luxury around diamonds, which are actually a lot less rare than you think these days.


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