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If you love something, crush its confidence and independence so that it never leaves you.

Some people think that this is what love is, to some level.

For some men however, it seems they're deploying this strategy way too soon.

@FeministaJones, a blogger and author who goes under the Twitter sobriquet The Devil's Sidechick, decided to conduct a social experiment on dating apps.

Whenever she was complimented, she thanked the men who gave her the compliment.

People have started sharing the horrendous responses men had to this display of confidence.

If there were any normal replies from men, it seems they weren't posted on this thread.

Warning: Some of these men need to wash they're mouths out. Strong language ahead.

People also found older examples of this hardly new phenomemon

And a screen shot of an explanation from one man was ridiculous.

It betrays an inferiority - the creepy 'hot but doesn't know it' myth still persists as an ideal.

On @FeministaJones' thread there weren't examples of anyone trying this 'experiment' on homosexual women.

HT Bored Panda

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