The 89th Academy Awards came to a close last night, and everything was going swimmingly until the presenters accidently awarded Best Picture to the wrong movie.

The cast and crew of Moonlight were forced to share the limelight with La La Land after Damien Chazelle's ode to Hollywood was mistaken for winning the accolade.

Suffice to say it all went belly up.

In a bizarre twist of fate, the first person BBC Radio 1 managed to find to interview post-Oscars screw-up was the DJ Pete Tong.

You can't make up this kind of serendipity.

The DJ, who attended the ceremony, and to whom the cockney rhyming slang 'It's all gone Pete Tong' - which means 'It's all gone wrong' - is attributed, was slightly bewildered when he commented:

Never seen anything like it, yeah.

The interviewer swiftly drew attention to the sweet poetry of their meeting:

Seldom has the phrase –

But it was Tong who said it:

It all went Pete Tong.

Here's the radio excerpt of their exchange:

Strange times.

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