The Academy Awards went from being a ceremony that had very little ethnic minority representation, prompting the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite, to something altogether different this year.

Black Muslim actor Mahershala Ali won Best Supporting Actor for Moonlight. The film also nabbed Best Picture and Viola Davis celebrated winning Best Supporting Actress for Fences.

Oscars 2017 was clearly a great year for diversity, and substantially recognised non-white actors and directors for their work.

People took to twitter to rejoice:

However, a swarm of keyboard-happy trolls also crawled out of the woodwork.

#OscarsSoBlack began trending on Twitter:

Because Davis and Ali, who between them won a Bafta, a Tony Award, a Golden Globe, a Critics Choice Movie Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award...to name a few - are "untalented".

Some are calling it "forced diversity".

And black actors won because, you know, POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.

Not because of talent.

In fact, the hashtag stepped into racist territory really quickly:

But, we're happy to report, people have been reclaiming #OscarsSoBlack:

And it's quite simple, really:

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