Parents are now pulling out their kids' wobbly teeth with drones

Here's a parenting trend you might not want to try at home.

The 21st century take on the old string and doorknob trick is to attach string to any loose teeth troubling your offspring and then whizz your dronecopter up in to the air to remove it.

In the latest genre of YouTube videos you didn't know you needed to see, weirdly enthusiastic parents have been uploading clips of themselves laughing manically as noisy drones whip out stuff to sell the tooth fairy.

Some adults get really in to it. This video is set to 'The Final Countdown' and you can watch the poor kid get his tooth ripped out in slow motion.

The World's First Ever Drone Tooth Pull - By Paul Borrud from Paul Borrud on Vimeo.

Clearly, we haven't reached peak drone yet.

H/T: Slate

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