Pro-Brexit Tory minister proudly claims ‘British wind’ will be used to power UK homes

Pro-Brexit Tory minister proudly claims ‘British wind’ will be used to power UK homes

A Conservative minister has sparked confusion after proudly asserting that the UK’s new offshore wind power projects will use “British wind” to power homes with renewable energy

Paul Scully made the comment on Sky News this morning as he promoted the government’s £95m funding pledge for offshore wind projects in parts of northwest England.

He told Sky News:

“This is the start of building back greener. This is the start of 6,000 jobs in the UK, using British jobs, British manufacturing, and of course British wind to power UK homes with renewable energy by 2030.”

Brexit voters will no doubt be delighted to know that the government is prioritising “British wind” now that we’ve left the European Union but Scully’s comments raise some important questions:

1) How does British wind differ from European wind or any other wind for that matter? And 2) is the move to use only British wind to power our homes a specific achievement of this Conservative government?

In the interest of transparency and accountability, Indy100 has put these questions to the minister and we are patiently awaiting his response.

It’s already an issue that is energising voters, who are rightly concerned about the possibility of foreign wind coming into our country without checks:

In related news, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer is facing pressure from trade unions to uphold his campaign pledge to renationalise British wind after the country’s weather was given over to the private sector under the Thatcher government of the 1980s…

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