Theresa May has sacked defence secretary Gavin Williamson for allegedly leaking sensitive information.

May believes that Williamson leaked information regarding Chinese tech giant Hauwei’s role in building Britain’s 5G network to the press. In a letter to Williamson, the PM said that she had “lost confidence in his ability to serve”. Williamson strongly denies any involvement in the leak.

Though, while this saga continues, Williamson’s position has already been filled. Penny Mordaunt, the former international development secretary, has been appointed as defence secretary.

Mordaunt is an ardent Brexiteer and, partly due to statements she made during the EU referendum campaign, is an extremely polarising figure to some.

People on Twitter wasted no time unearthing Mordaunt’s false statements from 2016 about Turkey joining the EU.

Though others remembered Mordaunt’s better moments…

Many also praised the new defence secretary for being the first woman to occupy the role, in a traditionally male-dominated field.

Others looked to the future, with Mordaunt continuing her role as women and equalities secretary.

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