People are arguing this tweet proves there's a 'media bias' against Jeremy Corbyn

Picture: Ben Pruchnie/Getty Images
Picture: Ben Pruchnie/Getty Images

After starting 2015 as a little-known backbench MP, Jeremy Corbyn pulled off one of the most unlikely feats in British political history to become leader of the Labour party.

It's safe to say that the UK's media - on all parts of the political spectrum - was not exactly enthused when Corbyn threw his train driver's cap into the ring in last year's leadership contest, and even less so when he won.

Corbyn has since proved to be out of step with his fellow PLPs, if not with the Labour members who joined the party to elect him, a fact borne about by scores of negative headlines, photoshops and nicknames thought up by the press.

But it's pretty hard for anyone to deny that flipping the Panama Papers story about David Cameron's family's offshore dealings into a suggestion that Corbyn should resign is anything other than off topic.

Corbyn's campaign team pointed out the faulty logic:

And Cobynista internet warriors have added their own questions...



and suggestions.

Fair play.

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