People who voted Leave as a protest vote are upset we're leaving

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The UK (soon to be whatever the the hell the Scottish and Irish referenda make it) voted to leave the European Union (soon to be whatever the hell other countries' referenda make it) on Thursday 23 June 2016.

Of the electorate, 72.2 per cent voted, 52 per cent to 48 in favour of Leaving. In the aftermath, which has been pretty crazy by all accounts, people have been deemed Leave voters' after-the-fact dismay at their choice 'regrexit'.

Now there's a hashtag, where Remainers and Regrexiters are getting together to mourn the days of Britain in Europe, and the manner in which we got here.

Welcome to #Regrexit, where we're all just realising what we've done.

Where the politicians had one thing in mind during this referendum

And are now just realising they have to follow through with that £350m a week for the NHS and lower immigration they promised

This unbelievable compilation says it all really

While the post office in Northern Ireland, (which voted to remain) has another story to tell

Remainers who didn't bother are also coming out of the woodwork

And now the petition for a second referendum has crashed the government website

We may even need to change the ballots

While we all just sit about and look at how the pound is doing

Even Mail readers are thinking about what they've done

Even entire bloody counties are getting involved

In short, what a time to just burn it all down

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