The bizarre story of a woman accidentally being called 'Heather' her whole life has to be read to be believed

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A woman has shared a wild story about being called Heather for most of her life, despite her name being Summer.

Taking to Twitter, Summer shared a truly bizarre story, which we will now regale you with:

Ever since she was a kid, Summer has accidentally been called Heather - doctors and friends have done it, and even her husband has slipped up on numerous occasions.

You might think that since her name, according to Twitter, is Summer Heacock, and since her surname is somewhat similar to 'Heather', that's where people are getting mixed up.

You'd be wrong. Heacock is her married name. By her own admission, "People have been Heathering me since I was a wee little tot."

To give context to the story, she points out that she is adopted and before she went to live with her parents and before she was named Summer, she was in a baby-holding home and "given a random name instead of Baby847".

She's tried to ask the adoption agency what that name was, but supposedly the file was sealed even from her.

After hitting a dead end on the baby-name front, two weeks later Summer is messaged on Facebook by someone asking if she was put up for adoption in June 1981.

You see where this is going, right? Enter the biological family: Sister, brothers and father.

After getting in touch, they flew Summer out to meet them and - after a few days together - Summer asked about the adoption agency's "random baby name" that was given to her.

If you've guessed just what that name is, congratulations.

Of course, Summer's name before being adopted was none other than Heather.

The world certainly works in mysterious ways.

You can read the amazing thread in its entirety on Twitter here

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