Good Morning Britain presenter and loudmouth Piers Morgan scared the nation after her revealed he was getting 'tests' done in hospital.

The 53-year-old posted an image to Instagram in hospital with tubes in his nose, prompting fans to worry about his health.

One fan took to Twitter to ask, "What's up with you?"

It turns out, Morgan has stomach gastritis and duodenitis (an inflammation of the small part of the intestines).

He blamed politics and a controversial vegan roll. Obviously.

If you really want to know, I was diagnosed with stomach gastritis and duodenitis. I blame eating a mouthful of vegan sausage roll, Brexit & Donald Trump.

His words suggest that he seems to have cooled towards Donald Trump, and is as sick of Brexit as the rest of the country.

In a reply to another Twitter user, Morgan suggested it was no coincidence his 'exploding innards' came after eating 'one mouthful of vegan sausage roll'.

He was really going in on the vegan rolls: "Monday 6:40am. I eat one mouthful of sausage roll. Friday, 11am: hospitalised for gastroscopy on inflamed, exploding innards. I'm doing the math."

There's of course no proof that the Greggs' vegan sausage roll caused the stomach upset, but Morgan seems to have it in for the savoury pastry.

Despite the animosity against the vegan snacks, his view seems to be in the minority - as they're flying off the shelves.

The bakery launched the vegan roll as an alterative to the sausage roll, calling it "a juicy sausage alternative that doesn't leave that grease plate of regret on the roof of your mouth".

indy100 has contacted Greggs for comment.

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