Piers Morgan furiously lashes out at Boris Johnson for failing to give him an interview

Greg Evans
Thursday 05 December 2019 11:45

This general election is almost over but there is still time for it to get even stranger.

In the wake of Boris Johnson's interview with Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on Thursday's edition of This Morning, which was a fairly uneventful affair, Piers Morgan, lashed out at the prime minister.

Yes, you read that correctly. Piers Morgan, a man who you'd probably assume is a Johnson supporter is now calling out the prime minister on Twitter.

Predictably, Morgan's gripe with Johnson isn't about a Tory policy or something that has been said but is actually something much more self-centred.

Tweeting a picture of Johnson on This Morning, Morgan wrote:

Great to see @BorisJohnson giving an interview to @thismorning after repeatedly promising to do @GMB.

I do love a man who keeps his word, especially when he wants us to trust him to run the country. Thanks Boris!

You see, Morgan is actually annoyed about Johnson giving an interview to another ITV show, where, compared to what Morgan would have thrown at him, was an easier option.

Morgan continued his takedown of Johnson with a quote retweet, telling him to "grow a pair."

Morgan isn't the only broadcaster that Johnson is doing his best to avoid.

The prime minister is still yet to confirm whether he will speak to the BBC's Andrew Neil, who grilled Jeremy Corbyn last week.

With less than a week to the general election, it remains to be seen if Johnson will talk to Neil or Morgan but it will continue to be a major talking point until he does.

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