Piers Morgan keeps sharing a disturbing cartoon of him pleasuring Trump and it's become a meme

Piers Morgan is still posting about a graphic cartoon of him pleasuring US President Donald Trump.

The image was first broadcast on BBC Two during satirical news show The Mash Report on Thursday.

During the programme, comedian Rachel Parris joked about Mr Morgan's interview style after his Q and A with the president last week.

Mr Morgan hit out at the BBC and raised concerns over double standards, claiming the broadcaster would not have aired the image if it featured two prominent women or gay men.

But multiple tweets shared by Mr Morgan went viral on Saturday. Lord Alan Sugar, who was clearly amused by the cartoon said:

And Twitter was happy to oblige.

More memes followed.

Mr Morgan later clarified that he wasn't outraged over the image in a tweet:

And one reporter at the Independent pointed out something very important.

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