Piers Morgan is unhappy yet again about Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson, and labelled her 'irresponsible and stupid’ after she unveiled a new tattoo of a gun.

The Good Morning Britain presenter criticised the singer for getting the tattoo and seemed to suggest it will encourage people to commit gun crimes. Yes, really.

The tattoo of a small pistol, which Morgan at first thought was ‘on the right side of her backside’, is on her rib.

Of the tattoo, he exclaimed: "Jesy, this great role model to millions of influential young women, who wants to empower them, she’s had a new tattoo put on herself and she posted last night."

It’s a gun, it’s a gun on the right side of her backside. Erm, it’s a gun.

It’s a gun, isn’t that great as gun crime in this country begins to tick up as gun crime in other countries like America rages.

So many people are getting shot to pieces and of course, the best thing for a young woman to do as a role model to millions of impressionable young girls is to tattoo a gun to her backside.

That’s the message she wants to be communicated to her millions of young female fans is that a gun’s cool. A gun, isn’t that great? So they may go and get a gun and shoot people. God, she’s stupid.

"Guns are metaphors," Susanna Reid said, to which Piers responded that "guns kill people".

The exchange has prompted discussions online about Morgan’s tendency of attempting to police women’s bodies.

Twitter user Ian Gibson wrote: "It’s her bod – it doesn’t belong to Piers."

Some were of the opinion that her tattoo wasirresponsible.

But others quickly pointed out that what causes gun crime isn’t tattoos of guns… it’s guns.

And actually, Jesy fans quite like the tattoo...

This isn't the first time Morgan has monologued about Little Mix. In November, Morgan slammed the group for a nude music video, accusing the singers of using sexuality and their bodies to sell albums.

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