Piers Morgan says middle class white men are an ‘endangered species’

Piers Morgan says middle class white men are an ‘endangered species’

Monday 19 November is International Men’s Day and Piers Morgan decided to usher in the celebrations with a monologue about the woes of being a man in today’s world. Obviously.

His Good Morning Britain co-host Susanna Reid launched into the conversation about International Men’s Day and asked whether men actually need an entire day of celebrations just for them.

Yes, yes they do, Morgan said.

“Yes, we do need a day,” he began. “We are now the most downtrodden group of men in the world.”

Especially white, middle class men like me. Endangered species.

And then he compared himself – and other men like him – to endangered rhinos.

Middle class white men are the victims. That’s where we're at.

Susanna looked suitably unimpressed by Morgan's trolling, and let him continue his monologue.

International Men’s Day, well done. Stay strong under the onslaught. It’s OK to be a man. It’s not illegal. Yet.

It will be.

Eventually women will get what they want.

To conclude the spectacle, they were shown footage of the president of Tajikistan being celebrated back at work with flowers thrown in his path. Piers asked why he didn’t get such a reception when he got to ITV this morning.

Susanna responded by tearing up paper and throwing it at him.

“Is that what you want?” she asked.

The Brexit Withdrawal Agreement? That make you feel better? Boosted your fragile ego?


Morgan responded by saying he wants to be respected on this holy day, thank you very much.

Maybe revert back to liking and respecting men today. Not [talking about] toxic masculinity and radical feminism. Just [say] thank you for being men. For one damn day stop squealing about how bad men are.

“It will literally be illegal to be a man,” he later added.

It literally won't be, Piers.

He tweeted it, too.


Morgan's Twitter followers jumped on the Piers wagon, but not everyone was impressed.

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