Man convicted of murder walks out of an interview with Piers Morgan

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Whether you like him or not, Piers Morgan is not a man who minces his words and rarely shies away from a confrontation.

In an upcoming episode of the ITV series Crime and Punishment, the often outspoken journalist and TV presenter met convicted murderer Mark Riebe.

In 1998, the 56-year-old, was imprisoned for the murder of 29-year-old Donna Callahan, who had gone missing in Pensacola, Florida on 6 August 1989.

Police were unable to solve the case for seven years until Riebe's half brother, William Alex Wells informed officials that his family member had committed the crime and led them to the body.

Riebe was then convicted for 25 years and has since been linked to six other murders of women, which bared a similarity to his case.

Despite being locked up for nearly 20 years, Riebe still claims to have no recollection of the murder as he was heavily intoxicated on medication and alcohol.

Yet during his interview with Piers Morgan, Riebe refused to answer any questions about the crimes and eventually stormed out.

Morgan started by questioning Riebe's claims of innocence:

See Mark, I don't believe you, I think you are a serial killer.

I think you did kill these women. I think these families of these women need justice.

To which Riebe replied:

Well, you're wrong. This is over.

We're done. I answered your questions

As Riebe began to storm out of the room, Morgan rebuked:

Why are you running away?

Why don't you sit here like man and answer these questions?

I know I'm not a 110lb woman you can kill.  

You did kill them didn't you? You killed them all

Earlier this year Riebe is reported to have confessed to killing Pamela June Ray but later withdrew his admission.

Panama City Police Chief Drew Whitman is quoted by The Sun as saying:

We've talked to him occasionally, but we get no new leads from him that we can actually identify him as our number one suspect.

The episode featuring Morgan's interview with Riebe will be the last in the series of Crime and Punishment, which begins later this month.

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