Outrage as police accuse black couple of 'jumping on the bandwagon' of Black Lives Matter protests

Outrage as police accuse black couple of 'jumping on the bandwagon' of Black Lives Matter protests

A black couple was reportedly stopped by police for driving a car on the road, and told they “look suspicious.”

In the video posted on Twitter by their daughter Maja, Ingrid Antoine-Oniyoke, 47, and her husband Falil Oniyoke, 50, were stopped after "glancing" at a police car parked near her mother's house.

The male officer can be heard saying:

At the end of the day, whether it looks funny or not, you were driving a motor vehicle on a road, so therefore I am requiring you to require proof of driving [licence].

Antoine-Oniyoke tells him;: "You are kidding us right now. You can see why people get upset."

The officer replies;

All that I need is proof that you are the driver of that vehicle and you live here, and we are gone

In what seems to be a reference to the Black Lives Matter movement, the female officer tells them:

You have turned something irate that shouldn't be. You are just jumping on the bandwagon of the current climate.

To add further insult, the male officer then tells the couple: "You look suspicious".

Antoine-Oniyoke tells them "this is disgusting", with her husband adding that "this is profiling."

Responses to the video widely condemned the police’s actions, accusing them of racially profiling the couple and some calling for them to be sacked.

Suffolk Police has since apologised for the incident, saying:

Having looked at the issues raised by a large number of people, particularly regarding certain comments which were made on the video, we would like to apologise for the offence these have caused.

The constabulary is very aware of the depth of feeling surrounding the events of the last few weeks and the issue of racism in our society.

We always try to ensure we police all our communities with dignity, respect and fairness. Where those values are not met we will do everything we can to learn from that.

Maja, who is a student, started a project that helps send books to anybody who wants to educate themselves on race and oppression but can’t afford to do so.

Let’s say it again for the people at the back: the UK is not innocent when it comes to racism.

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