The pound and the Euro are now basically the same and everyone is making the same joke

Getty Images/iStockphoto/Twitter

Britain was given a stark warning on Friday about what the future might hold should the government opt to leave the European Union without a deal.

Official figures show that the pound fell to its lowest for the first time since 2012 with the economy also shrinking amidst the looming crisis of a no-deal Brexit.

Sterling was down 0.3 per cent against both the dollar and the Euro, as exports also struggled to make the most of the weak pound.

At the time of writing, there is just .06 difference between the two currencies, which has prompted many jokes from those on Twitter who are firmly against Brexit, with many joking that they are now basically the same currency.

As it stands the UK is set to leave the EU on October 31 and preparations for a no-deal are being ramped up as Boris Johnson remains determined to follow through on his pledged and leave the union at all costs.

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