Boris Johnson said Brexit will 'restore trust in our democracy' and everyone said the same thing

Simon Dawson / POOL/Twitter

Prime minister Boris Johnson is determined to take the UK out of the European Union by October 31 and in his own words believes it will 'restore trust in our democracy.'

That is something that he said during his first speech as PM and has now reiterated in a tweet that he posted on Wednesday morning, complete with a patriotic video featuring trains, ships and a lot of handshaking.

Although he said it to the public just a few weeks ago, judging by the replies he really shouldn't have reminded everyone that this was his intention for Brexit.

Firstly there are those highlighting the problem with the word 'trust' which in the spectrum of British politics now seems as reliable as a car made out of ice.

Then there are those bemoaning the use of 'democracy' that now holds as much water as a paper sponge, especially when Johnson can become prime minister with little more than just 92,000 votes.

At the moment, the government is in full preparations for a no-deal Brexit and Michael Gove has recently claimed that that the EU are refusing to renegotiate the withdrawal agreement that Theresa May established during her time as PM.

Tensions within Westminster and the Conservative party continue to grow amongst this speculation, with the former attorney general Dominic Grieve telling Channel 4 News that the Queen may have to sack Johnson if he refused to leave after losing a no-confidence vote.

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