France wants Britain to leave the EU and return 20 years later 'in a frock and on a leash'

It's pretty clear everyone's tired of the same old rhetoric around Brexit.

Last night during the Sky debate on the EU referendum, Southampton English literature student Soraya Bouazzaoui told the prime minister she was sick of a "complete shambles" of a "scaremongering" remain campaign.

I'm an English literature student, I know waffling when I see it.

So let's shake things up a bit.

French newspaper Libération ran an editorial on 31 May, written by Brussels correspondent Jean Quatremer, which advocated the UK leaving the EU.

The editorial, headlined 'Brexit: A sacrifice to save Europe', read:

I defend the point of view of the Union, and it is in their interest for you to leave. If you stay, you'll rot our lives like never before.

Libération implored Britain to leave so that Europe could federalise properly without the UK's demands for vetoes and concessions, and argued that the European economy would stabilise and prosper without the pound.

It continued that although Britain would fall by the wayside it would not matter:

Convince yourself by those brilliant leaders Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson, who simply want only good things for Europeans. And we promise, in twenty years we will let you come back.

On our conditions, of course, in a frock and on a leash: a small price to pay to save the European dream.

Brexiters and nationalists, if your blood is boiling currently then there's only one course of vengeance - and that's to vote remain.

Toby Melville - WPA Pool /Getty Images
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