Did Hillary Clinton mutter ‘f*** you’ to Donald Trump during the debate?

Roisin O'Connor@Roisin_OConnor
Thursday 20 October 2016 07:15

The third and final presidential debate of the US elections was not without drama.

Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton a “nasty woman”, prompted laughter from the audience by trying to convince them that he respects women, and implied that he may not accept the result on election day.

Oh, and he sort-of-accidentally endorsed Clinton for US President.

Audiences in the US were watching the battle unfold onscreen wherever they could.

And a couple of people seem to have spotted something…

Wait, what?

OK, so Clinton probably, almost 100 per cent definitely didn’t actually say “f**k you” to Donald Trump, it's just some fairly nifty dubbing.

But listening to that version once makes it impossible not to think you just saw her say it - even when you turn the sound off.

And, anyway, she was definitely thinking it.

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