Presidential debate: The moment Donald Trump accidentally endorsed Hillary Clinton

The third and final US presidential debate on Wednesday night saw candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton trade insults (once again) - over foreign policy, immigration and sexual assault allegations.

As well as interrupting Clinton (once again), calling her a "nasty woman", and saying he may not accept the result on election day, Trump launched a number of personal attacks on his rival.

One that was probably less effective than he hoped for, however, was when he said this:

We cannot take four more years of Barack Obama and that’s what you get when you get her.


He followed that up with a tweet after the debate:

There's just, er, one problem with that: Barack Obama's approval rating just hit a new high of 55 per cent.

Amid the toxic campaigning of this election run-in, and the prospect of a Trump presidency, most people seem to think four more years of the same thing would be great.

Oh dear, Donny.

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