Prince Harry has appeared to dodge an interaction with Boris Johnson during his final engagement as a member of the Royal Family.

Awkward footage showed Harry appearing to side-step any sort of formal conversation as the pair paths crossed at Commonwealth Day at Westminster Abbey.

Rather than having a full conversation with the prime minister, Harry gave Johnson a quick nod and continued to shuffle down the line, next speaking to Patricia Scotland, the secretary-general of the Commonwealth.

As Harry and Scotland appeared to engage in a more fruitful conversation, Johnson seemed to look on longingly, perhaps wishing that Harry had spent more time with him.

Footage of this moment quickly went viral on Twitter, with many thinking that Harry and deliberately ignored Johnson.

However, extended footage of the moment shows that Harry and Johnson did acknowledge each other with a short nod and a few pleasantries but he definitely didn't ignore him.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, Westminster Abbey had banned any handshakes between the guests at the event, which would explain why Harry didn't offer his hand to anyone.

Johnson did reportedly offer his hand to others and pictures show him shaking the hand of boxer Anthony Joshua. Last week, the prime minister was criticised for bragging about shaking hands with patients who had the illness.

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