Priti Patel ridiculed after Tory minister says she's ‘still learning’ how to wear a mask as bizarre pictures emerge

Priti Patel ridiculed after Tory minister says she's ‘still learning’ how to wear a mask as bizarre pictures emerge

Not really much to wearing a face mask, is there?

Goes over your mouth and nose, secured at the back.

Although WHO have been advising people to wear face masks at all times when around others since the beginning of the pandemic, the UK government has been far slower to adopt the same measures.

It’s been four months since lockdown began in earnest, and masks still aren’t ‘compulsory’ but instead ‘advised’ in England.

Despite experts urging the government to make them mandatory in public spaces like shops.

And the advice from the authorities surrounding the wearing of masks has been very mixed.

So maybe it’s no wonder that even high-ranking government ministers don’t seem to know how to wear one properly.

Like home secretary, Priti Patel, who was pictured while visiting her French counterpart, Gérald Darmanin, this weekend.

She’d gone over to discuss ‘illegal immigration’.

But Patel seemed confused about mask-wearing protocol.

She was pictured wearing a mask while outside. But once she and Darmanin were installed on chairs inside a building, her mask had strangely disappeared.

Can Covid-19 not be transmitted while in enclosed spaces? (answer: yes it very much can).

Patel’s mask policy left people baffled.

Including Sky News’ Kay Burley, who asked Tory politician Robert Buckland about it this morning after he said he wears a face mask in enclosed spaces.

“I think it’s important that I do my bit to not only prevent inadvertent transmission but also to reassure other people that the space they’re in is as safe as possible,” Buckland said.

Burley then asked him about Patel’s decision to wear a mask outside but not inside.

“I think people are still learning how to use face coverings,” laughed Buckland.

“It’s not hard,” replied Burley.

His defence of Patel has raised eyebrows.

People have pointed out she is the literal home secretary.

And that he seems to be suggesting she can’t work out how to wear a face covering.

Which isn’t exactly reassuring... given Priti Patel is practically the most powerful woman in Britain.

Never mind, sure this won’t send mixed messages or anything to the general public...

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