This religious woman refused to leave patients alone as they entered an abortion clinic

The last few weeks have seen women worldwide fight for their reproductive rights.

A landmark victory was won in the Republic of Ireland, which then led to increasing debate around Northern Ireland's archaic abortion laws. More recently, Argentinian women have mobilised to fight for legal change and raise awareness of the country's harrowing femicide rates - and it seems their actions might actually pay off.

But even when a woman's right to abortion is legally secured, harassment is still commonplace.

Last week, Facebook group Young Queenslanders for the Right to Choose - which also has its own website - shared two videos, both of which depicted pro-life campaigners pleading with women as they entered a Brisbane abortion clinic.

In the lengthier clip, a woman surrounded by protesters carrying signs emblazoned with: 'Dear mother we can help you' repeatedly begs:

We're here to help you. That baby's got a heartbeat, love. Please turn away. We can help you.

What that is, is murder, and you will stand before God as murderers for supporting this horrific act.

In response, a clinic patient can be heard shouting:

This is so f**king traumatic.

In another, shorter video, the same woman states that "God hates the hands that shed his blood," before begging another patient: "Please don't terminate your baby."

The videos raise the important issue of 'safe access zones' around abortion clinics, which essentially prevent pro-life campaigners from harassing women or picketing clinics.

Although abortion is currently illegal in Queensland, this looks set to change; recent reports also suggest that 'safe access zones' will be granted in New South Wales, in order to protect the wellbeing of women choosing to utilise their right to safe abortion.

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