A man known online as the ‘QAnonShaman’, has since claimed his actions during the Capitol riots “were not an attack on this country” – stating instead that he “stopped somebody from stealing muffins” during the insurrection.

The Shaman, real name Jacob Chansley, also told 60 Minutes reporter Laurie Segall that he “sang a song” while in the Capitol building – something which he said is “a part of shamanism”.

“It’s about creating positive vibrations in a sacred chamber. I also stopped people from stealing and vandalising that sacred space, the Senate, okay?

“I actually stopped somebody from stealing muffins out of the break room.

“I also said a prayer in that sacred chamber, because it was my intention to bring divinity, and to bring God back into the Senate,” he said.

In response to a question from Segall about whether he still believes he is a patriot, Chansley replied that he considers himself “a lover of my country”.

He continued: “I consider myself a believer in the constitution. I consider myself a believer in truth and our founding principles.

“I consider myself a believer in God.”

The video was later shared to Twitter, where users mocked his defence of the muffins:

Most commenters criticised 60 Minutes for interviewing a supporter of a baseless and unfounded conspiracy theory:

It isn’t the first time that Chansley has made headlines since his arrest, with a judge ruling in January that the Shaman must be fed “organic food” after he refused to eat food in jail for three days.

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