People have noticed the Queen was driving herself around with no seatbelt and the jokes are endless

Sirena Bergman@SirenaBergman
Saturday 11 January 2020 13:00

Yesterday the Queen was spotted for the first time since the great #Megxit debacle of last week.

But today people have suddenly realised that not only was she driving herself, but she appeared to be doing so without even wearing a seatbelt. Not cool.

Perhaps she was unaware that wearing a seatbelt has been required by law for all drivers since 1983, given she doesn't even have a driver's licence.

Over on Twitter, everyone is lolling away at queenie living the high life cruising around in a Range Rover without a care in the world.

Some speculated on what banging tunes she would have been blasting. (NB: Sound ON.)

Others noted this is not new behaviour.

Folks pondered whether at her age driving herself is the wisest choice...

...especially considering she appears to need a giant magnifying glass to do so?!

(Although some pointed out this is more likely to be a sun visor. Who knows?)

Mostly, people just enjoyed the iconic side-eye moment, which has obviously become an instant meme.

And then there was the most obvious joke of all, which is perhaps also the best.

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