Question Time: White man taken down for saying the 'UK is one least racist societies across Europe'

Question Time: White man taken down for saying the 'UK is one least racist societies across Europe'

If you've actually been able to sit through an entire episode of Question Time in the past two years, you'll realise that it is the place sensible opinions and civilised debate go to die.

There is still some fun and levity on the programme, but for the most part, it has become a brutal circus of scathing opinions, bigotry and shouting.

This was evident by the most recent episode of the panel show where a man - a white man - suggested that the United Kingdom "is one of the least racist societies across Europe".

Hmmm... That's strange, because just a few months ago a study was released that showed that anti-Muslim hate crime in the UK was at an all-time high.

The man addressed his statement to the poet George Mpanga, who sarcastically replied:

Oh phew! Thank you so much.

So I didn't get stopped by police sitting outside my mum's house earlier this year?

That didn't happen to me?

Oh thank you. I should have just explained that to the police officers.

This then prompted a response from a woman who rightly pointed out the obvious error in the man's statement.

She said:

It's funny that you're a white man saying that!

You're a white man saying there's no racism in this country! How are you going to experience it?

As usual on Question Time, it prompted a murmur of responses to the audience who called the woman "racist" and told her to "calm down".

Unfazed by the backlash, she continued to put people in their places.

You're a white man! How am I racist?

You're not the one walking down the street and being screamed at.

You're not a young black man walking across the street being stopped by police.

Don't tell me to calm down.

This clip has since gone viral and the woman has been widely praised on Twitter for standing up for herself and pointing out the obvious flaws in the argument.

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