Racists target BBC reporter by putting pork scratchings in her shopping basket
Manpreet Mellhi

A BBC reporter has hit out after an alleged anti-Muslim attack spectacularly failed.

Manpreet Mellhi, who works for BBC Radio Gloucestershire, was shopping in Sainsbury’s when she saw two people standing nearby and laughing.

She then found that two packets of pork scratchings had been put in her basket.

She tweeted:

Traditionally, Muslims don’t eat pork as their religion forbids it. As Mellhi is not Muslim, she does, in fact, eat pork:

This is because Mellhi is, in fact, Sikh, according to theMetro, who also reported that she found the whole thing shocking and bizarre. She's quoted by the site as saying:

I think it was deliberate, though I couldn’t say 100 per cent, but nothing about it was a normal situation.

Did people want to offend me? I don’t know. Did they think it was funny? Probably.

Mellhi's followers were equally perplexed and angry:

She tweeted that it would have been different if she was Muslim.

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