A real life ‘Squid Game’ is coming to the UK and you could take part

A real life ‘Squid Game’ is coming to the UK and you could take part

If you’ve watched Squid Game(which, let’s be honest, you MUST have done), then you’ve undoubtedly spent some time pondering how you’d get on in the various challenges that contestants are put through during the series.

Would you win the battle during Tug of War? Or are you more of a marbles sort of person?

Whatever the answer, you’ll now have the chance to put your money where your month is and take part in a real life Squid Game that’s coming to the UK.

Just like in the Netflix show, contestants who sign up for the event, called Squid Game Live, will be put through five rounds of mystery mental and physical challenges.

Again, like in the show, a cash prize is up for grabs – although it is estimated to be much less than on the show, instead around £500 ($690).

There will also be security staff to ensure compliance with the rules, though it is unclear if they’ll wear the same spooky outfits.

Live actors will also attend the events, adding an extra layer of surprise to the games, and there will be some live scenes that are inspired by the series.

Unlike the show, however, you won’t be executed if you’re eliminated, which is obviously good news. Though contestants will have to sign “medical disclosures” to be sure they are fit to take part in the games.

Those wanting to take part will also be kept in the dark about where the event takes place. According to organisers Universal Ents, a coach will pick players up from a meeting point in North West England, where they will then be taken to a remote location.

Creative director Max Fox said: “We want to make sure our experiences are safe, but still as riveting as the games seen on the Netflix smash Squid Game.

“This is a pain-free experience. There will be no paintballs, guns or otherwise, but don’t be afraid of getting wet.

“We want to make the games as realistic as possible, without the risk of injury. Some of our games you won’t have seen before, but there needs to be an element of surprise and mystery so people really don’t know what they’re letting themselves in for.”

The first round will take place on 27 November. For more details, visit the website here.

Looks like all those cookie TikTok challenges might come in useful after all...

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