Rebecca Long-Bailey just pretty much admitted she’s smoked weed and people are finding it hilarious

Moya Lothian-McLean@moya_lm
Friday 17 January 2020 15:00

Remember when it was career ending for politicians to admit they even knew what a drug was?

Oh how times have changed. You’ve got a man who hopes to be the next mayor of London freely admitting he smoked opium (so uncool that maybe it’s.... dope?) and one of the highest ranking Tories a confessed former cocaine user.

Now it’s so par for course for politicians to cop to drug use, in a strange bid to make themselves seem more relatable, that even self-confessed “girly swot” Jo Swinson outed herself as a former stoner during her election campaign.

Following in her footsteps is Labour leadership hopeful Rebecca Long-Bailey, who has just heavily implied that she’s also enjoyed a little magic cigarette or two in her time.

Something, something Green New Deal.

Long-Bailey made the comments during an interview with JOE Media, employing a neat little metaphor to answer the question “Have you ever taken illegal drugs?”

“Ooo,” answered the shadow business secretary, before pausing and saying “Well, I’ve been to Amsterdam, that’s all I’ll say.”

“OK, that’s implied,” replied interviewer Oli Dugmore. Long-Bailey did not correct him.

Safe to say, social media is enjoying the idea of Long-Bailey – who recently said her idea of “fun” was a takeaway and Netflix – sparking up.

Some made name puns…

Others had horrible flashbacks to their youth…

While a few just wanted to give out Amsterdam tourism advice.

We eagerly await the narcotic history of all other prospective Labour leaders.

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