Actor Laurence Fox tried to claim there was no racism directed at Meghan Markle and it did not go down well

Darren Richman
Friday 17 January 2020 09:15

Laurence Fox has made the name for himself he’s never quite managed with his acting career by going on Question Time and claiming the treatment of Meghan Markle at the hands of the British press is “not racism”.

The Lewis actor, arguably a household name only in his own household, said, contrary to all available evidence:

We’re the most tolerant, lovely country in Europe. It’s so easy to throw the charge of racism at everybody and it’s really starting to get boring now.

When an audience member suggested that, as a white male, Fox might not be the best person to decide what is or isn’t racist, the actor was not best pleased:

I can’t help what I am, I was born like this. It’s an immutable characteristic. So to call me a privileged male is to be racist. You’re being racist.

The erstwhile husband of Billie Piper recently boasted about walking around South London wearing a Make America Great Again hat so perhaps he’s best ignored at all costs.

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