Frasier superfan creates Joker-like trailer featuring star as stripper - and fans are losing their minds

Fans of the beloved sitcom Frasier were blown away - and slighty troubled - by a super-fan’s reimagining of the show - a creepy, trippy mashup between Kelsey Grammer’s character and the Cyberpunk 2077 video game.

Created by Reddit user majorfrasier and titled Cyberfrunk 2077, the trailer reimagines Frasier Crane in the future and contains an array of interesting graphics only true fans will appreciate. 

In fact, some users have likened the trailer to the Joker, on account of Frasier’s menacing narration, villain-like persona and ominous music playing in the background. The video begins with the Boston therapist sitting in the studio of his KACL radio show, contemplating the topic of identity. 

“What makes you you?” Frasier narrates over the backdrop of a futuristic Seattle. “Is it the clothes you wear? Is the Eames recliner in your condo? Is it what you do? What  you love? Maybe it’s not about who you are, but who you might become.”

The absurdity doesn’t end there.

Reddit user creates futuristic Frasier trailer

Reddit user creates futuristic Frasier trailer

In one scene, Martin Crane’s iconic easy chair is seen subbing as a DJ in some club, while Frasier eccentrically dances from afar. Supposedly in the future, Frasier also moonlights as a stripper, pole dancing completely naked. 

“So I’ve been making these dumb Frasier videos for about a year now but this is by far my most elaborate one to date,”  the creator wrote on Reddit. 

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“I had the idea a few months back and it took just a ridiculous amount of time and energy to make. A bunch of people helped me along the way including a 3D modeler in UK who helped me build Frasier’s apartment, a character designer in Nigeria who made the actual Frasier character, a singer in Lithuania who sang a cover of the theme song, etc,” he added. 

One fan on the Frasier subreddit replied: “This is the weirdest thing ever and I love it! Frasier’s giving me real Joker vibes.”

Another said: “This was a wild ride! The chair as a DJ had me rolling!”

Some got very excited: “I feel like I just watched history being made - like the moonwalk or the tearing down of the Berlin Wall, except instead of the birth of some new era it’s the birth of one thousand new memes.”

Starring Kelsey Grammar as Frasier, the sitcom was created as a spin-off of Cheers, and premiered in 1993. It went on to win 37 Emmys before ending in 2004. 

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