Bar’s ‘disrespectful’ description of woman on her receipt goes viral

<p>The recipient was not best pleased at her new nickname</p>

The recipient was not best pleased at her new nickname


Working in hospitality comes with plenty of challenges, especially when you have hundreds of people to attend to during a busy evening.

It’s therefore understandable that servers may have to devise ways to identify each of their customers.

But their mnemonic methods don’t always go down well, as one Twitter user has proved.

The woman shared a photo of her bill after a night out on which she was referred to as: “Girl by herself.”

Suffice it to say, the customer – who uses the profile name “The Cake Lady” – was not impressed.

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Hitting out at the descriptor, she added that she “wasn’t even by herself”, so it was “all around disrespectful.”

She later admitted that she’d had to mute notifications on her tweet after it sent the social media platform into meltdown.

Within three days of being posted, it had racked up more than 600,000 likes and 47,000 shares as people debated the message.

Some agreed that it was, indeed, pretty savage:

While others viewed it as a summary of their own lives:

Others shared offensive restaurant nicknames they had received over the years:

And others considered their own experiences working in bars and restaurants:

In sum, maybe we should consider making name tags compulsory in restaurants? It could spare a lot of people’s feelings…

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