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Men and women will never get each other.

Or, so the myth goes.

But thanks to Reddit, we can all be one step closer to understanding each other a bit better.

Here's what men think women don't understand about them.

That when I scratch myself or re-adjust my junk I'm not doing it for pleasure.


If I don't get an erection, it doesn't always mean I don't want to have sex. Vice versa.


Guys like compliments too. Seriously ladies, you have no idea how huge of a boost it is to a guy's self esteem to hear a woman tell him he's attractive, or dresses well, or has nice eyes, etc.

For me personally, they're so few and far between, and had such a big impact, that I can still remember individual compliments from years ago.


In every single relationship I've had except for my current one, alone time was seen as an insult to them. I've never understood that. Everyone needs alone time. Why can't I do my own thing, even as simple as just reading a damn book, for a few hours?!



When I make fun of my friend, I don't actually hate him, I'm just saying hello


And here's what women think men don't understand about them:

Me being angry does not mean I'm on my period. Me being on my period does not mean I'm angry. You saying "Why you angry? You on your period?" will make me angry without a doubt, though.


If you laugh and smile a lot, touch people or generally are a normal nice person, it is stunning how many people are convinced that you must be flirting or helplessly in love with them. And then they of course get mad at you because you were "leading them on" and giving wrong signals or other shit.

Because people are unable to be polite or nice towards other humans for any other reason than being attracted to them.


Period cramps are nothing like a cramp you'd get in your leg after working out. It feels like someone tied your guts in a knot, put them in a trash compactor and set them on fire. It's like taking the feeling like you're about to have shotgun diarrhea and putting it in the front instead of the back. Except it doesn't go away after you sh*t. We aren't being sissies when we whine about the pain. Literally, the inside of one of our internal organs is prying itself away and exiting our bodies. IT HURTS.


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