Men and women have extremely different views about what counts as cheating


We can all agree that men and women generally see some things differently. Like the default postion of toilet seats, for example.

Unfortunately, one of those things is the definition of cheating, according to new research.

One in five men don’t think a passionate kiss with someone else constitutes cheating, while 91 per cent of women do.

The Way We Are Now report, by relationships charity Relate, is based on a YouGov survey of 5,071 people. And it found many more disparities between the sexes.

One fifth of women would count watching porn alone as cheating, compared to a tenth of men. The report states that this is a growing problem:

Pornography and the impact it has on the relationship is an increasingly common problem seen in the counselling room – in our counterpart survey of relationship support practitioners, 47% of counsellors said that they are seeing an increasing number of clients where use of pornography is causing problems in the relationship.

And while nine out of ten women think that exchanging sexually explicit texts/calls/emails is cheating, only eight in ten men think the same.

In total, a third of people said they've been cheated on, and only a third said they were satisfied with their sex lives.

Being unfaithful is the biggest strain on relationships, according to survey Relate carried out with relationship counsellors. Only a third of respondents said a they thought a relationship could survive an affair.

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