The 24-hour news cycle can be stressful, particularly for those tasked with reporting on the fast-developing news.

Sometimes, newsreaders don’t even have time to do their hair.

Well, it seems that way, because an MSNBC foreign correspondent was caught doing something rather unorthodox on camera before he was fully ready for his segment.

Introducing Matt Bradley, who was reporting from Syria on the collapse of ISIS, MSNBC’sAli Velshi said:

This just in, three US military officials are in direct contradiction that the Islamic state territory in Syria has been 100 per cent eliminated.

They say the fighting is still going.

Matt Bradley is in eastern Syria where the last remnants where the so called caliphate were, what’s the situation for you?

The camera then panned to Bradley showing him using his own spit to style his hair.

Velshi then cut away to give Bradley more time to prepare himself.

To be fair, though, given the circumstances it is understandable that hair care products were not the correspondent’s first concern. He was reporting from a dangerous war zone after all.

On Twitter, the clip went viral. On the whole, people were pretty grossed out.

H/T: Mediaite

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