Richard Dawkins is getting mocked on Twitter for his terrible literary take on The Metamorphosis

<p>Dawkins didn’t mince his words when he tweeted his thoughts on The Metamorphosis</p>

Dawkins didn’t mince his words when he tweeted his thoughts on The Metamorphosis

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Richard Dawkins is being ridiculed on Twitter for his opinion on literary classic, Franz Kafka’s novel, The Metamorphosis.

The 1915 fantasy fiction tells the story of a salesman, Gregor Samsa, who wakes one morning to find himself inexplicably transformed into a huge insect, and how Samsa adjusts to this condition.

It has received wide critical praise, with literary critics discussing the possible different interpretations of the plot.

However, evolutionary biologist, Dawkins tweeted his thoughts on the novel, and his review isn’t exactly glowing:

“Kafka’s Metamorphosis is called a major work of literature. Why? If it’s SF (science fiction) it’s bad SF.”

He also referenced George Orwell’s 1945 novel, Animal Farm, which equally received a bashing.

“If, like Animal Farm, it’s an allegory, an allegory of what? Scholarly answers range from pretentious Freudian to far-fetched feminist. I don’t get it. Where are the Emperor’s clothes?”

Of course, Twitter wasn’t going to let Dawkins get away with this terrible literary hot take.

Someone responded Dawkins’ bizarre rant with a witty Metamorphisis joke.

While one person hilariously recommended a series more suited to Dawkins’ understanding of literature - the book series, Animorphs aimed at 8-12-year-olds.

Another, also mocked Dawkins’ literary knowledge with a funny meme where the scientist questions how novels work.

It appears that Dawkins is unaware that both The Metamorphosis and Animal Farm are not in fact science fiction novels.

The Metamorphosis is magical realism, while Animal Farm is a dystopian, political satire.

Fans of the novel were quick to point out this mistake to Dawkins.

Elsewhere, people ridiculed Dawkins’ notion of what makes good literature.

Others noted that Dawkins seems to be filling the void Naomi Wolf left on Twitter, after she was banned for spreading myths about the pandemic.

Many concluded that Dawkins’ unpopular opinion is the reason that STEM students should also study literature too.

Maybe, Dawkins should stick to science, rather than sharing his odd literary reviews.

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