CCTV footage of the world's worst planned robbery goes viral

CCTV footage of the world's worst planned robbery goes viral

Is this the worst planned robbery in the history of robberies? Maybe.

Viral CCTV footage of a robbery in Harringey, London, shows the moment robbers struggled to escape from a jewellery shop during a raid. Astonishingly, one burglar even got trapped inside.

The three men snatched more than £20,000 worth of gold rings and earrings and caused £5,000 worth of damage at the Ital Gold jewellery shop.

After a traumatised shop assistant locke​d herself in the toilet, footage then shows the robbers beginning to panic after realising they were getting locked inside. One by one, the robbers pressed the escape button and ran for the exit, without holding the door open for the next person.

The final man to leave can be seen banging the door in distress after realising he’s locked in. An unsuspecting member of the public then let him out.

On social media, people couldn’t help but laugh at the disastrously planned robbery.

Andrew Elliott, 32, was arrested after being identified from a distinctive tattoo on his neck which read ‘I still stand strong’. Elliott pleaded guilty to the robbery at the Old Bailey.

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