In a meeting of EU finance ministers in Helsinki, Sajid Javid, the British chancellor was left hanging.

In fact, the footage is so awkward that Akon's 'Mr Lonely' springs to mind.

Chancellor Sajid Javid can be seen at the meeting wandering around with no one to speak to.

We've all been there, haven't we? Arriving at a function, with no one to speak to, frantically texting our friend who told us they were "five minutes away" an hour ago while trying to find the bar.

The footage was shared by Financial Times journalist Mehreen Kahn and just to witness it is excruciating.

Just watch...


Just. Make. It. Stop.

Javid's awkward appearance is reminiscent of when Theresa May was given the same treatment.

Oh, and who could forget her predecessor David Cameron being snubbed for a handshake after a tense EU summit?

It seems that, on both sides, there's no love lost between the Tories and Europe.

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