Sajid Javid called out after he deleted tweet saying he opposed parliament being suspended

Sajid Javid called out after he deleted tweet saying he opposed parliament being suspended

Just last week, the UK was far from being fine but it was definitely not in a state of turmoil and potential upheaval thanks to the government attempting to do anything they can to force through Brexit.

Now Boris Johnson has only gone and sought consent from the Queen to suspend parliament for five weeks, giving MPs who oppose a no-deal Brexit a very short period of time to prevent the UK crashing out of the EU empty-handed.

This situation has seemingly come out of nowhere, as just a matter of months ago, during the Tory leadership campaign, nearly every candidate said that they were opposed to such an idea including the likes of Johnson, Michael Gove and Amber Rudd.

Amongst those were the current chancellor Sajid Javid who had publicly spoken against suspending parliament during a Channel 4 debate, hosted by Krishnan Guru-Murthy.

There was also a very awkward tweet from his own 'Team Saj' campaign tweet which quoted that very comment.

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After people began to share the tweet again it was surprisingly deleted from Twitter as it was probably pretty embarrassing for Javid, who is essentially Johnson's right-hand-man now.

This subtle removal of the tweet didn't go unnoticed by people on Twitter, with Krishnan Guru-Murthy the exact man who Javid who said the quote to just a few months ago, calling out the Tory with a scathing tweet that also included a video of the former home secretary's quote.

Others soon picked up on Javid trying to save face and it's safe to say that now more people have seen the tweet in the past 24 hours than had in the previous two months.

Indy100 has contacted Sajid Javid's team for comment.

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