One of the big revelations in the Mueller report was Sarah Sanders admitting that she lied to reporters about James Comey.

After Donald Trump fired the then-FBI director, Sanders repeatedly told journalists that “countless members of the FBI” had told her they’d lost confidence in Comey.

She later told the Mueller investigation that her claim was “not founded on anything” and there was no evidence to support it.

Here she is making the original claim:

Sanders is known for lying but as the White House press secretary, she lied repeatedly or had “a slip of the tongue” as she called it, to help Trump try to get out of an obstruction of justice investigation.


But when she appeared on Fox News’ Hannity after the release of the report, she wasn’t apologetic.

In fact, she backtracked on her confession by claiming it was “not untrue” to say FBI agents lost confidence with Comey.

So when Sanders was legally required to tell the truth to the Special Counsel, she admitted she lied.

But when she went on Fox News – where people lie a lot – she said she didn’t lie after all.

Who should we believe?

Social media users agreed on which version of Sanders’ story they thought was the truth.

You couldn’t make it up.

If you want to read the full Mueller report, you can find it here.

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