Mueller report: Trump Jr brags about being deemed 'too ignorant to have committed a crime'

Mueller report: Trump Jr brags about being deemed 'too ignorant to have committed a crime'

There has been a lot of fallout following the release of special counsel Robert Mueller's report into possible collusion between the Trump team and Russia in the 2016 election.

Although Trump has been found to have not colluded with Russia he is not exonerated which has caused the president to lash out at his supposed enemies in a flurry of angry tweets.

Elsewhere, Trump Jr can consider himself lucky as investigators decided to prosecute the president's eldest son after concluding that he was 'too ignorant to violate election laws.'

According to Raw Story, the report said of Trump Jr's involvement in any potential crime:

The Office determined that the government would not be likely to obtain and sustain a conviction for two other reasons: first, the Office did not obtain admissible evidence likely to meet the government's burden to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that these individuals acted 'willfully,' i.e., with general knowledge of the illegality of their conduct; and, second, the government would likely encounter difficulty in proving beyond a reasonable doubt that the value of the promised information exceeded the threshold for a criminal violation.

After hearing about this news, Trump Jr began to celebrate on Twitter by posting the words "TOLD YA!!!," as if to mock all of his critics.

The problem here is that Trump probably hasn't read why the team didn't choose to prosecute him and that bragging about it really isn't a good look for the 41-year-old and people were more than happy to let him know.

Jimmy Kimmel also roasted Trump Jr during Thursday night edition of his talk show.

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