Saudi Arabia accidentally put Yoda next to King Faisal in its school textbooks

Getty Images/ Pierre Manevy/ Stringer

Did you know that Jedi master Yoda had a major role in the 1945 United Nations Charter?

No? Maybe you should brush up on your history.

A mysterious image has reportedly cropped up in a Saudi Arabian high school social studies textbook showing Yoda - yes, Yoda from Star Wars - lending a guiding hand to King Faisal as he signed the Charter.

Pictured right: the king who outlawed slavery and spread public education in Saudi Arabia. Pictured left: Yoda, lightsaber extraordinaire and octo-centenarian.

The Force is mysterious.

Global leaders did join together after years of war, but sadly the Jedi High Council member was absent in that particular quest for peace.

The explanation from the designer of the doctored image unfortunately clarifies nothing .

The artist, Abdullah Al Shehri - who mixes pop culture icons into historic photographs - told The New York Times:

I am the one who designed it, but I am not the one who put it in the book.

Saudi education minister Ahmed Al-Eissa apologised on Twitter for the mistake.

Screwed up, they did.

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