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Here is probably the weirdest image you will see all day:

Picture:Picture: Reddit / lensoo

A Reddit user posted that photo with the caption:

My captain friend sent me this photo. A Saudi prince bought tickets for his 80 hawks.

We sadly don't have any more info than that at the moment, like what airline it was on, or where they were flying. Business Insider points out that while the poster said they were hawks, the birds are more likely falcons, as falconry is very popular in the Middle East.

In fact, seeing a single falcon while flying from countries in the area is not that uncommon - the UAE even issues the birds their own passports.

Imagine trying to keep track of 80 of them though.

The comments underneath the original post are great as well:


- winxpmasterrace

My hawks have to walk...

- chocolatelvr

Oh so he's a poor Saudi Prince who can only afford to transport his 80 hawks via commercial airlines. Poor fella.

- Schparty

He's finally getting a taste of what us normal people have to go through to transport our hawks.

- rabidbot

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